Engagement in opencare project

Here, there is a list of all the meetings/workshops/events that we holded with local communities in Milan:

1. Mare Culturale Milano - March 12th, 2016 // meeting

The first public meeting of opencare project with a local community of elderly people, interested in Balera dance was a dancing evening with a singer.

2. Villa Pallavicini - March 17th, 2016 // meeting

It was a meeting with a group of young new comers at Villa Pallavicini. During wich they had the possibility to look over the new methodologies about digital manufacturing and to approach for the first time to the opencare project.

3. Fa’ la Cosa Giusta - March 18th, 2016 // workshop

The first workshop holded during Fa' La Cosa Giusta, a fair of critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles. The participants realized, in few hours, an opensource remote monitoring and caring IoT service.

4. XVivaio - March 30th, 2016 // meeting

In this meeting we presented the opencare project to the community of parents of boys and girls with special needs. The meeting was organized at WeMake thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality of Milan.

5. Genuino Day - April 2nd, 2016 // event

Introduction of the opencare project, and its state-of-the-art, during the Genuino Day event. Genuino Day is an anniversary event of the most famous Italian open source platform in the world. The aim was to engage makers.

6. Forum delle Politiche Sociali - April 7th, 2016 // workshop

Our second workshop organized by WeMake and the Municipality of Milan at Forum delle Politiche Sociali. During this workshop, the participants were divided in 4 different two-people groups. They were asked to idealize and prototype, in just few hours, an opensource remote monitoring and caring IoT service.

7. Social Street San Gottardo - April 19th, 2016 // meeting

Last but not least, we had a meeting with the community named Social Street San Gottardo, a community of citizens who decided to live the neighborhood by re-activating and improving the social relationships towards a better liveability through exchange initiatives, entertainment and education.

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