How can I share a project?

How to share and document the process and the work of your project

// Why document?

Honestly, documentation isn't an easy task. Once you are focused on the job you are doing and the tinkering it sometimes becomes a burden that you have to worry about making documents of how stuff has developed and how things work, but documentation isn't a burden, it is a real treasure, and here is why:

  1. The clearer your documentation, the more engaged online community you can grow;
  2. The more you document, the more you tell the story of your product, which is a great asset for media coverage, supporters, and again, your online community;
  3. Documentation helps you (yes, you!) keep track of your thoughts, how and where you have started and how you end now;
  4. If you can't present it, then something is wrong. Being able to organize your thoughts and guide your community through replicating how following your project is a skill that you have to master in order for your project to survive.

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