// Introduction:

If you have decided to keep on reading until here and further, then it means that you really want to test yourself and structure a co-design session (or you are just very curious and thirsty for knowledge, which is also great and well accepted).

Below you are going to find 9 tips, each one is structured as it follows:

Title (simple rule-to-follow)

KEYWORDS (regarding the contents)

// Description (explanation of the rule)

// In other words (summarized elements and topics that you need to pay attention to)

// opencare experience (tip applied to our real experience in the opencare project, with pictures and comments related to the topic)

The aim of this core section is to give you information and proper knowledge in order to get familiar with the strategic design and emphatic activities. Please, always keep in mind that collaborative design is not an exact science, and that every single element may vary depending on a number of factors. Take this as an inspiration tool, as a starting point, and then jump into the discipline, start testing, experiment, fail and then try again. Only in this way you will find the proper way to accomplish your real goals.

And remember: have fun!

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