Workshop Communication

You are ready to start your workshop, then don't forget to let people know your amazing workshop is taking place! When communicating your workshop is always a good idea to make clear:

  • What is the topic in a clear and intuitive way
  • Why your workshop is interesting and cool
  • What they will learn/make during the session
  • Who is teaching it
  • Where and when it is taking place
  • How they can sign-up (if it's for free or they have to pay a fee)
  • What they need to bring
Communicate your workshop to your community through the right online and offline channels depending on the demography of your peculiar target: newsletter, blog post, posts on social networks, flyers, postcards, sms...
In our direct experience we combined communication on different levels (weekly newsletter, blog posts, posts on facebook and twitter) since our target group was very varied. For more info on our experience please refer to Keep the interest alive chapter.
It's very important to keep the communication alive also when the workshop is over. A follow up with pictures, a video and wrap up is always a good idea to engage the participants in the project!

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